With more than 20 years of experience in design and implementation of lighting systems, Proxima is providing consultancy, design, and installation services for ultraviolet-based disinfection systems for indoor environments. 

Our solutions consist of 2 specific categories:

  • Air disinfection: This solution includes in-duct systems to improve the air quality through HVAC and air conditioning systems, as well as upper-room air disinfection technology. To increase the lifetime and performance of air filters in air conditioning systems, an anti-microbial nano-material filter coating will be proposed for specific applications. Our upper-room air disinfection solutions are equipped with in-depth analysis of air circulation within the area, lighting and air simulation, and an optimized solution to maximize the disinfection while minimizing the installation, maintenance, and utility cost.
  • Surface disinfection: Our team of experts will analyze the floor plan of the building as well as studying other factors such as occupancy, timing, type of application (for potential pathogens), and will design the most optimum disinfection solution based on the application. 

Current Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) systems suffer from high energy usage, short life-time, and higher cost of light bulbs. Our R&D team is currently working towards the process design of utilizing LED-based UVGI systems to address these issues and to provide cleaner technology with considerably longer life time and reduced energy consumption. 

This will potentially lead to smart technologies to be integrated within buildings lighting systems and provide maximum amount of disinfection required while minimizing system costs and adverse effects. 

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