LiFi: Revolutionizing High Speed Data Transfer

LiFi is a wireless communication technology that uses the infrared and visible light spectrum for high speed data communication. Solving typical challenges with 5G LiFi can provide high speed data transmission (up to 10 Gbps for a single light transmitter), is more reliable and secure, and virtually interference free.





bringing high speed connectivity for long flight


bringing connectivity to underground


connecting biomedical devices and enabling health data analytics at high speed

Commercial buildings

smart IOT devices connected together

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LiFi provides revolutionary benefits in wireless communication

Speed and throughput

LiFi can deliver multiple Gbps bandwidth with the current infrastructure

Light can be contained and secured in a physical space. If you cannot see the hacker, the hacker cannot access your network


Each light will have its own IP address enabling advanced geofencing


As opposed to RF signals, LiFi is not vulnerable to WiFi networks, phone devices, etc. This makes it practical in hospitals, industrial sites, and airplanes


LiFi Misconceptions


  • LiFi is a LoS Technology: New generations of LiFi can leverage reflected lights to a high extent, and hence receive information at a high speed when there is no LoS. Even in low-light applications single photon avalanche diodes may be used at the receiver which enhance the receiver sensitivity by at least an order of magnitude.


  • LiFi does not work in sunlight conditions: Sunlight constitutes a constant interfering signal outside the bandwidth used for data modulation. LiFi operates at frequencies typically greater than 1 MHz. Therefore, constant sunlight can be removed using electrical filters.


  • The lights flicker: The lowest frequency at which the lights are modulated is in the region of 1 MHz. The refresh rate of a computer screen is about 100 Hz. This means the flicker-rate of a LiFi light bulb is 10,000 higher than that of a computer screen. Therefore, there is no perceived flicker.


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