New portable lightboard technology enables education professionals to deliver interactive lectures and utilize educational material, slides, demonstrations, and handwritten notes all at the same time, conveniently. Comparing to the professional lightboard systems, Proxima’s lightboard is small (to put on top of a table) and does not require sophisticated studio environment. You can run the software through your laptop and do not need extra camera or microphone (other than the laptop-integrated ones).

  • The portable lightboard is less than 35 inches wide and is designed to be used as an standalone system over the table top. Therefore, it can be easily used on all types of desks.
  • No installation is needed. You can use the hardware out of the box, and our online video instructions and best practices guideline to make the experience seamless and more enjoyable.
  • The cost of the lightboard system along with our online support for installation is less than 1000 CAD; which is far more affordable than the other similar technologies.
  • Our lightboard technology had a lead time of 1-2 weeks, significantly lower than other available devices.
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